Ollas in the Community

Lisa DePiano – NY

“When dealing with the heat coming off of New York City streets, we love knowing our plants can rely on irrigation from Dripping Springs Ollas. They are a simple, elegant and ancient way of successfully keeping our plantings watered.”

Meet Lisa DePiano, a certified permaculture designer/teacher, and writer with over 20 years of experience. She has accomplished many things, to include the building of Parkways in Manhattan. Lisa called us a while back and asked about our ollas and how they worked. She felt they would be the perfect solution to the standing Parkway problem, which is watering. We have since partnered with her, and as you can see, and the plants are healthy, and thriving. There are one to two Dripping Springs Ollas in each of the wooden compartments that hold plants. The ollas are filled periodically, and flora and friends have developed a lovely relationship! Thank you, Lisa, and her team, for creating living, thriving oases to be enjoyed by many in New York City.  And while Lisa has moved on to spread her creative thinking into other places, we feel her past accomplishments still deserve attention.  Check out her past websites for inspiration.

https://lisamariedepiano.com/about/   http://mobiledesignlab.org/  

Broadway and W th in NYC x

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