Ollas in the Community

Ron Finley – CA

If you don’t know about Ron Finley, you’re gonna want to. He humbly started his mission of feeding people because he was hungry, not starving, but hungry for good food. He found a way to serve his community as well as himself, through gardening.

Ron has taken his journey further and has designed a teaching/mentor site for those in a food desert. If your zip code falls in a food desert, Ron will send you some seeds to get started, and offer for free, his Master Class on gardening.  Check out this food resource to see if you are in a food desert.  Not sure?  Enter your info here and if Ron’s team sends you seeds and a link to his Master Class, then you qualify.

Either way, planting seeds is making a plan for your future. Growing your own food is creating food security for you and your family. So even if you are not in a food desert, grow one food that you love to eat, cucumbers, tomatoes, radishes, lettuce, okra, cabbage, peas, you get the idea, and see where that takes you!  The 20,000,000 Victory Gardens during World War II are a great example of how the efforts of many, affects the mass.  Let’s all be a part of a Food Revolution, by taking a lead from The Ron Finley Project.  

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