Ollas in the Community

The Farm Girls

The Farm Girls…… they so casually call themselves. These two ‘girls’ are not sitting on a bale of hay chewing the cud, quite the contrary! This mother/daughter duo, Marilyn and Donelle Simmons are, to quote them, “… a sustainable education company, we teach organic gardening, preserving your own food, small-scale seed saving tips and methods, and we encourage you to grow your own food.  We believe in a well-balanced lifestyle, play, work, and wellness.” These are two women who love people, love growing healthy food and love teaching. They wrap that up with classes, on-site visits, truck farming and lots of sharing.  And yes, that is a pickup truck with a garden in the back, watered with Dripping Springs Ollas. 

This Duo has moved on to other adventures, but we feel it is work noting that gardening could literally be anywhere.  So, if you have the desire to teach and travel (which they did), then truck gardening may be the perfect tool! Scan the pictures to see how they made an impact in their community.

Marilyn Simmons..of The Farm Girls

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