The Search for Convenient Resilience

Hannah and Dana, from, were going to come by to see us in Dripping Springs but, unfortunately, their car was stolen on their journey! They did write a nice article and hopefully we will see them here in the.. read more →

Dripping Springs OLLAS in School Gardens

We love helping out school gardens!  Venable Elementary School is in Charlottesville, VA. Hola everybody – December 2012 Actually Olla - and pronounced Oya – but never mind! We were very fortunate to have a visit from Mark Williams of Dripping Springs… read more →

How Often Do You Fill the OLLAS?

I have mentioned before how often I have to fill the OLLAS in my garden.  This will depend on a few variables- weather, soil, plants.  I decided I would do a video so that you could REALLY SEE how much.. read more →

OLLA Irrigation in the Fall Garden

Here in Central Texas, my favorite gardening time is the fall. I have only lived here a few years, so I am still learning, but you quickly find that we have two gardening seasons and if you like fresh greens.. read more →

Clay Pot Irrigation

Ancient technology The “buried clay pot irrigation” — or “pitcher irrigation,” among other names — dates at least back to China more than 2,000 years ago. Local gardeners and experts agree that the method is easy and effective for small-scale.. read more →

Container Test

I filled two identical containers with the same soil and plants.  One of the pots has an OLLA.  I planted them several weeks ago and they sit side by side and both receive sun until about 2pm.   I made.. read more →

Basics of Ollas

The general rule of thumb when selecting an olla for a particular pot or space, is to keep in mind that the water seeps out approximately the radius of the olla; the larger the space, the bigger the olla you.. read more →

29 May 2012