Clay Pot Irrigation

For Gardens and Containers


"This is Andrew D'Arezzo, writing from the Sonoran Desert - I do landscape and rainwater harvesting design and engineering here at EcoSense Sustainable Landscapes in Tucson, and love promoting olla use!
We have been planting almost all of our new trees with your ollas, and have witnessed accelerated growth of native shade trees. In fact, I have several case studies now going back a few years showing the rapid (but healthy) growth possible. "

- January 2020

"Took a while to locate your product locally but it was worth the effort. I'm combining multiples of your pots with my Square Foot Garden beds. I was tired of watering to gets my plants thru the East Texas summer dry spells."

- Norris H, TX, July 2020

"I couldn't be more pleased with the deep roots of our plants, especially our tomatoes and peppers that not only excel through the Spring but continue setting fruit well into August.  I highly recommend Dripping Springs Ollas.  And Lori's customer service is second to none."

- Steve Hubbard (Mobile Loaves and Fishes, TX)

"I love my olla so much that within a month I bought five more, all for my little 4x12 foot plot. I'm very busy and often don't get a chance to water for days at a time. The Dripping Springs Ollas repeatedly save my plants from certain death in the Texas sun."

- Mark Sparks (TX)

"I *love* your products! They are keeping my lemon and lime trees very happy this summer."

- Victor Martinez (Austin, TX)

"Last year we had a deluge of rain every week, tomatoes were splitting all over the state. My tomato plants that I had installed with Ollas averted this splitting issue 100% of the time, in all types of locations in ground, containers and raised beds."

- Randall Isherwood-Owner
(Gardener’s Outpost Nursery, SC)

"Wanted to let you know that the ollas work fantastic up here in NJ. Don’t even need to weed. It really is unbelievable. We will definitely be buying more for next year."

- Keri (NJ)

"Our 7 DSO ollas collectively are doing a terrific job nurturing our winter greens in the greenhouse—they are all thriving— These ollas truly have made a difference in our winter watering as I was previously carrying watering cans filled with lukewarm water from the house to the greenhouse, trying to water evenly and thoroughly but never really knowing how effective my efforts were."

- Susan Wood (Alaska)

"I am grateful that you are making a product in North America. You have a superior product that is very heavy and thick. Dripping Springs Ollas are made to last."

- Cat Gratz (The Urban Farmer Store-Richmond, CA)

"Oh our OLLAS are a godsend! They really make it so much easier to keep the garden watered as we run entirely off rain barrels & have no water source on the premises."

- Sarah (Community Garden)

"I am using 2 of your ollas at Normanskill, where water has been especially scarce. They are working well, but they are thirsty!"

- Capital Roots Community Gardener (Normanskill, NY)

"We really appreciate the high quality of your ollas"

- Kevin (Ploughshares Nursury, CA)

"I’m moving and I’m going to dig mine up and take them with me. I can’t live without them!"

- Edie (VA)

"All of my plants survived (vacation), even the ones in the container with the medium olla. We do love our large ollas (too). We have them in a number of galvanized stock tanks that we use as planters. Thanks again."

- Stephanie (TX)

"I am so thrilled at how simple it (an olla) makes my watering. We are in a terrible drought. It would have been so hard for me to garden this year, but NOT NOW!!! No stringing hoses out to the bed!!! Woo-hoo! Just a bucket. It's perfect. Lovin' Dripping Springs Ollas in Southern Colorado!!! Thanks for the help!"

- Diana (Colorado)

I have a few [of your ollas] in my vegetable garden, mixed with the terracotta planting pots, which you can buy anywhere. The ollas are definitely superior to that solution.

- Elly (Texas)

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