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Large OLLA 13”

Our Large OLLA should be called XXLarge since it is 13″tall and 12″ wide. It holds 2.9 gallons/ 11 liters/ 46 cups……the largest we have seen on the market. Or should we say, XXLargest!

Our LARGE OLLA will water up to a 4 foot circle, depending on soil, mulch, and the number of plants put around it.

Perfect for flower beds, containers, bushes, new trees, all vegetables, in ground gardens and raised beds… well, any plant that needs water! Fill 1-2 times weekly.

OLLITA 9 1/2″

Our 6 cup / 1/5 quart / 1.6 liter medium OLLITA has just what you need to water container plants as well as shallow rooted plants in the garden, such as radishes and lettuce.

The wide neck makes it easy to check and fill, and the unique Baja Peninsula Clay insures a durable, naturally porous OLLA.

What other 9 1/2 × 5 1/2 Olla can say that? None!

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